TRANOVA specialized distribution : 3 major brands

Tranova is developping and manufacturing their own products in France and importing others from all around the world.

3 brands for 2 activities:

  • Professional Agriculture :
    • LONNEO
  • Gardening and Home equipments :
    • Louis D’ARCISSE

Professional Agriculture:

  • LONNEO -

LONNEO is a global brand for 4 ranges of products :

  • Binding
  • Synthetic Wires and accessories
  • Irrigation
  • Nematods

Gardening and Home Equipments:

All our range of product for gardening and Home Equipments are manufactured in FRANCE

  • Louis D’ARCISSE -

A Luxury range of flower pots, window boxes and gardening borders. High quality and design “made in France”
Material : Unbreakable Cast Iron for a lifetime warranty!
Our products « Louis d’ARCISSE » are built in with the patented system MANYPOT -


Drinkcase in an innovative bottle rack, that can be use by itself or put several together in order to built a wall of bottle like a WineWall

Core Advantages of TRANOVA :

  • Dedicated and high specialized plants for each product, to ensure the best quality and prices.
  • One global brand for several kinds of products for agriculture and gardening, easy for the distributors to procure a large range of  items from only one wharehouse.
  • One global brand easy to remenber and the best solution for the distributors to fidelize their clients.
  • High control of the raw materials of each product for the best security and the best lifetime.
  • Productions followed anytime by purchasers and product managers and quality manager.
  • All products are branded and identified by  GenCodes (Ean13).
  • Innovative packagings always with our brands
  • Permanent research for new products and to improve existing items.
  • Lonneo is Environmental friendly, we are always seeking to reduce non-biodegradable materials. We are not using toxic materials.
  • A brand following by sisters-brands for each range of product : Lonneo Irrigation, Lonneo Wires, Lonneo Binding…
  • full websites with information about each products, company. You can download product sheets, security information sheet.,,
  • Lonneo is providing a large range of commercial tools to help the distributors to present and sell the products.
  • We have our own logistic services from our wharehouse of LYON, to be able to sent the products as fast as possible when our clients need them.
  • We can deliver our products everywhere in the world, with our branch specialized in logistic and freight.
We are providing products for :
Viticulture, Tree-culture, Horticulture, Green Houses, Irrigation, Animals growing, farming, gardening and leasure.

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